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   Namyang known as a Chinese rose Production Base is located in the town of Shiqiao-the Town of Chinese Roses, Considered as the leading growing company in the region by the government, they take honesty and sincerity as their mentality while striving to be more scientific, modern and sweeping in their management, The base covers 2500 mu (one mu approximately equals one-fifteenth hectare) with approximately 600 well-selected rose varieties producing 50 million roses of all kinds, such as tree roses, large-flowered roses, vine roses, multi-flower roses, groundcover roses and mini-roses etc. It comes out the biggest Chinese rose production base in mainland China.
During the past years, in order to improve the professional production, they have been doing much research on breeding more new marketable varieties, applying new techniques and technology of control pest and diseases, irrigation and fertilization, as well as the technology of extending the dormancy of the cuttings by new keeping methods in two institutions and three sections as well as the sample gardens and research locations set up in such big cities as Beijing and Zhengzhou in the name of the company, They also pay special attention on the propagation of the Chinese rose rooted cuttings and extending of the technology.
Ever since 1995, they have been well accepted by the regional clients and honored by the local government as one of the top
Credible Companieswhile in the year of 2002, the base was granted the company with their product quality up to the national QC standard and in the meantime it was recognized as one of the provincial productive export-oriented company in Henan Province. For more information, please contact the following persons.





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