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Some scientists and teachnicians from the Institute have established “Yantai Great Mount Fruit Crops Developement Ltd.” in 1993.The company was based on working of Yantai Fruit Tree Research Institute (YFTRI) and originally found.

The company has been working on new varieties breeding, introduction and testing nursery for supplying planting materials and running fruit farms.

The company has taken responsibility to manage the experiment farm of YFTRI. The area of the experiment farm is over 84 acre (34 ha) with cherry, pear, Nashi planted.

The company has bought and rented another 100ha of land for nursery working and fruit farming.

The company has taken a new action to start joint venture fruit farms with local peasants. The area of such joint venture orchards has been reached to 300 ha already in the end of 2003.The final goal of the joint venture orchards will be no more than 6666 ha. The company will supply planting materials, technique consultancy and take responsibility for fruit marketing.

The company has done some technique exchange with oversea in the past.

The company is looking forward for cooperation with oversea companies, entities and private personals in the future for further development of fruit crops industry, also these supplies of related materials used on fruit farming such as agri-chemicals, fertilizers etc.



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