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Natural Vitamin E Oil


Subject:                                 Natural Vitamin E Oil

Offer expiry date:                  Never expired


Details:    Vitamin E (VE) is a necessary human nutrition and is a known antioxidant. Insufficient intake of VE can cause serious illnesses in humans. In medicine, VE is used for treating gingivitis, coarseskin disease, fatty liver (hepatic adipose infiltration), arteriosclerosis, high blood cholesterol. VE is also used as a food additive and fortifier, and as feed additives, and is known to improve human and animal reproductive functions. As a cosmetic additive, VE is known to prevent skin aging, improve skin elasticity and rejuvenation.

Natural Vitamin E occurs as a brownish red to light yellow, clear, viscous oil having a mild, characteristic odor and taste. Its biological activity is higher than synthetic VE. Unlike its synthetic counterpart, natural Vitamin E does not contain any chemical contamination which result from the chemical synthesis process



Contact Information


  Company Name:               Jiangsu Spring Fruit Biological Co., Ltd.

  Contact Person:                Sales Manager

  Address:                             No. 5, Tongjiang Road, Taixing, Jiangsu

  Telephone:                         86- 523- 7608619

  Fax:                                      86- 523- 7607169

  Web Site:                            http://www.natural-ve.com/



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