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Environmental protection
Energy efficiency
Green Food

Environmental Products

Green Food

Natural Vitamin E Oil

Cibainian Spirulina Capsules

sell quit smoking drops

honey aloe

wild ratafee


Black Kidney Beans


Spirulina Tablet

Red Star Apple

the green shrimp

Microencapsulated Conjugated Linoleic

Large Black Kidney Bean

Sweet Prune

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Extra Fine Chunmee

CLA Capsule

Fresh Fruit of Fructus Crataegi

Fritillary Bulb

Snow Tea

Citrus Aurantium P.E.

Bee Pollen


China Royal Pear

Soybean Oil

Seasoned Seaweed

Dehydrated Fruits

Chestnut Mash


Instant tea powder


Ginger in Syrup


Pleurotus Eryngii

Quick-Frozen Young Okra

Frozen Peeled Roasted Chestnuts

Bilberry Powder Extract
Bilberry is a perennial shrub native to Northern Europe and North America, and has been used in these areas for diabetes and eye disorders for a long period of history...

Quick-Frozen Soybean

Chestnut Foods

Chezhi Noodles
1) Traditional produce of Hong Kong 2) Made using high quality Canadian wheat flour and fresh eggs etc. 3) Needs refrigeration


Echinacea Lozenge

Fruit Cocktail in Syrup

Horse Chestnut Powder Extract

Lyophilized Drone Pupa Powder

Queen Larva Powder

Lemon Essential Oil

Dehydrated Broccoli

Fresh Royal Jelly

Chinese Herbal Foods

Peanut Kernels

Sodium Alginate
Sodium Alginate is a natural amylose carbohydrate distilled from alga . It is widely applied to food, medicine, textile, printing and dyeing , paper-making and daily chemicals as thickener , emulsifier, stabilizer and binder etc.

Ejiao Honey Date 235g
1) The seedless honey date is refinedly and technically made of selected dates, together with quality date-flower honey 2) It is lustrous and pliable with reach meat 3) Contains various vitamins, elements and 18 sorts of amino-acids people need 4) It is an unique preserved fruit

Natural Lycopene

Finely Processed Fruits and Vegetables
Caijiapo is a well-known industrial town and vegetable base in Northwest region. There is a rich variety of vegetables, and the yearly planting area is 1200 acres, the yearly output is 25000 tons. From such a resource, candied fruits, honey fruits, dried vegetable, fruit juice and vegetable juice can be produced.

Chinese Natural Honey
Long Life Palace Natural Honey

Shengmaiyin Oral Liquid

Seabuckthorn Oil

Peeled Roasted Chestnuts in Sachets: Zunhua Liyuan Food Co., Ltd.
1) Uniform moderate size 2) Smooth and bright surface 3) Good taste 4) Rich in fat, aminophenol and such minerals as calcium, selenium, iron, magnesium, etc.

Packet Fresh Winter Dates
Pure and smooth, sweet and mellow rare and precious, nutritious

Spirulina Tablet
100% Spirulina Platensis

Super Low Viscosity Sodium Alginate: Qingdao Aquatic Industry General Co., Ltd.
This product is a natural polysaccharide compound extracted from kelp. It's different from common sodium alginate. Its viscosity is so low that it's almost same to water when it in 1% solvent. Its molecular weight is also very low so it has special effect on medical treatment and health protection.

Herbal Hordei Vulgaris (Barley Leaf): Hangzhou Botanic Industry Co., Ltd.

Adzuki Bean:China Green Food Co.Ltd
Adzuki Bean:China Green Food Co.Ltd

Dried Shitake Mushroom:China Green Food Co.Ltd
Dried Shitake Mushroom

Deer Antler
Deer Antler


Ganoderma Iucidum
Ganoderma Iucidum


Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly



Rice is one of the most important crop plants, and feeds more people than any other single plant species on earth. Cultivated in submerged rice paddies in Asia for thousands of years, this grain is also grown in some other parts of the world.

Sugar-Free Soybean Milk
The characteristic of this product: low-energy, contains many kinds of microelements, without cane sugar, instant.

Ice Soybean Milk Powder
The taste is better when the product has been stored in refrigerator, the soybean-fragrant is light and tasty it is the best nurture in the summer season.

Soybean Milk
Green-soybean, No Cholesterol, Instant, Better than fresh soybean milk

Sugar-Free Soybean Powder
compound sugar, lecithin, high protein, low fat, low calorie, without cholesterol, pure bean aroma,free from sucrose

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