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Nanchang, Jiangxi Province


Nanchang city, the capital of Jiangxi Province, is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 2000 years and a reputation as "a place propitious for giving birth to great men, the greatness of a man lends glory to a place". It is also the only provincial capital on the Beijing-Kowloon railway line, and the biggest metropolis on the Gan River basin.

Nanchang has Jingdong, Yaohu Water Park in the east, with Qingyunpu Badashanren Memorial and other cultural tourist area in the south, Meiling, Mengshan Mountain holiday tourist area in the west, Poyang Lake, Xiangshan migratory birds visiting area in the north. Tengwang Pavilion, listed first of the four Famous Ancient Structures of China, is located on the side of Ganjiang River, where Wangbo, a well-known pet of Tang Dynasty, ever wrote a famous poem describing it as "Sunset clouds fly with the solitary wild duck, Autumnal waters merge with the limitless sky ". Baihuazhou islet, Supu Park and Sudi dyke all own typical beauty of Chinese garden. Moreover, Guanting pavilion, Ruziting pavilion, Youmin Temple, Meiling Mountain, Wanshou Palace of West Mountain and Shengjin Tower are all national and provincial relics .In addition, there are some revolutionary memorials such as the "August 1st Uprising Headquaters "and so on. The mount Lushan, listed in the Chronology of Recognition of World Heritages in China, is near to Nanchang City.

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