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News release of International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai)

Based on Mr Hu Jintao, Chairman Of PRC's instruction that "Shanghai should prioritize the development of modern service industry and to better serve the whole country" and "Shanghai should lead country's economic development in four areas, (Shifting of the economic growth pattern; Heightening of independent innovation; Deepening of the reform and opening up; Building a socialist harmonious society)", Shanghai International Sourcing Conference which have been successfully held for 4 years has now been renamed to be International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai) from 2006 with the approval by the State Council.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China and Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the first International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai) is co-hosted and co-organized by twelve departments of foreign trade and economic cooperation in Tianjin Municipality, Chongqing Municipality, Shaanxi Province, Hubei Province, Yunnan Province, Shandong Province, Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Liaoning Province, Fujian Province, Sichuan Province and Guangdong Province. The organizing committee is to host the first International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai) this September in Shanghai.

Wei Jianguo, vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce

Following the idea of "Shanghai-based, world-oriented, and serving the whole Country", the first International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai) focuses on extending functions, optimizing services, enhancing qualities, and promoting cooperation, trying to stage a high-level, distinctive, authoritative and profitable fair by offering a bigger, effective and influential platform for buyers around the world and the export enterprises based in China.

Zhou Yupeng, Major of Shanghai City

The exhibition area for the first International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai) has been expanded from 8000 square meters to 20,000 square meters.

This year's sourcing fair compose three parts:

A. International Sourcing Summit

The Ministry of Commerce of China, People's Daily, and Shanghai Municipal People's Government sponsor the summit. 100 multinational sourcing organizations representing the industry around the world will be invited to the summit. 100 domestic export-oriented enterprises will attend the summit. In addition, we are honored to have leaders from the State Council to address the summit on the topic of "Sourcing in China and around the Globe in the 21st Century". The global sourcing giants will also present on "International Sourcing in China". The summit will announce "Top 10 Global Purchasers in China" and "Top 50 Chinese Suppliers", an awarding ceremony will also be held. What's more, the summit will issue authoritative forecast MNC's sourcing activities in China during 2007 and the major global sourcing trend in 2008.

B. Establishment of the Professional Sourcing Fair

The fair IS to attract over 200 international buyers and over 10,000 export-oriented suppliers. The fair divides into industrial parts area, International retailers area, United Nations sourcing area, country and regional sourcing area, exported brands area and supply chain service providers area.

C. Trainings and Seminars for Suppliers

In 2006, we will run a series of certification training and seminars on topics such as procurement procedures, anti-dumping measures and the sourcing trend. It aims at helping the domestic suppliers to better understand the general regulations in international sourcing, be familiar with MNC's procurement procedure and have a good command of the global purchase network system SO that they can be qualified in the global purchase system.

Now, we have already launched an all-round campaign to invite buyers and suppliers for the first International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai). With the objective that "we should catch the big multinational buyers and develop the small and medium-sized multinational buyers", we would like to carry out the buyer-invitation and supplier-invitation activities through China's embassies around the world, the economic and commercial department of Chinese Consulates General around the world, foreign Consulates General in Shanghai, trade promotion organizations in Shanghai, and the specialized procurement organizations for certain countries and regions In Shanghai. Meanwhile, we will also establish our agencies in related countries and regions to intensify the invitation campaign. Together with the efforts from the commercial departments, associations, and the intermediary institutions in different provinces and municipalities, hopefully we will see a growing number of domestic suppliers to take part in our fair in the future.

Shanghai has successfully hosted four international sourcing conferences since the year of 2002. The aggregate number of the overseas buyers that we have attracted has totaled 300 (53 are in global 500 companies) and the domestic suppliers attending our fairs have totaled 13,000. Shanghai International Sourcing Fair has already become the biggest and most influential reverse sourcing fair in China.

Organizing Committee Office
International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai)

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